You may be curious why certain types of tires are more durable than other tires. It is the same case with skincare products. Some anti-acne products are more effective than others. 

One of the reasons can be the addition of the French process zinc oxide. The explanation below will give a better overview of the use of zinc oxide.     

Zinc Oxide for Rubber Products 

Tire companies rely on the supply of zinc oxide. Some companies mix this product with rubber and other ingredients to create tires. Tires with additional zinc oxide are more durable compared to tires without zinc oxide. 

Now, check your belt and ensure its durability. A more durable rubber belt is a belt with zinc oxide. One of the reasons why rubber products with zinc are more durable is because of their ability to absorb frictional heat. 

As a result, the rubber products are stronger enough in all conditions. Indeed, it is okay to drive a car with zinc oxide-based tires in a variety of terrains even on hard surfaces. 

Zinc Oxide for Skincare Products 

French process zinc oxide is also applied in skincare products. The manufacturers are about to mix this compound with other active ingredients to produce more effective cosmetics. Now, check the label of your skincare products at home. 

Ensure that the products contain zinc oxide. Compare the effectiveness of the products to non-zinc oxide skincare products. Skincare with zinc oxide will be more effective in tackling your skin problems, right? 

It is because this compound boosts the benefits of the other ingredients. For instance, a sunscreen with zinc oxide has a better barrier to fight against ultraviolet effects. The product is also pleasant enough on the skin. 

Zinc Oxide for Agriculture Products 

Zinc oxide is not only for rubber and skincare products but also agricultural products. Adding zinc oxide to food products boosts the minerals. This compound even protects the foods from harmful microbes. Don’t worry! Zinc oxide is also safe enough in the body. 

Your immune system is about to use this ingredient to improve your metabolism. It is the reason why eating zinc oxide-based foods will make you healthier. Farmers can also apply zinc oxide on the farm to strengthen their crops from a variety of diseases. 

So, the French process zinc oxide has a lot of benefits in life. This compound is even useful to boost health if people consume it in the right dosage and method. It is the reason why zinc oxide production is still active today even though the production increases day by day.     


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